Room Booking details & Terms and Conditions

Please read these instructions carefully so that you fully understand your responsibilities. Failure to comply with these rules may result in you being unable to book rooms in Dunedin Community House.


Reception is staffed 8:45am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8:45am to 4pm on Friday.  Out of hours are all other times. If you need to access the meeting rooms outside of these hours you will need to organise a key with reception staff. Call 034716150 or email


If you are using a room after hours you are responsible for building security.

Please ensure the building exits lock behind you out of hours.

  • Doors can be unlocked from inside pushing the green button inside the lobby.
  • From outside an electronic tag is used by holding the tag in front of scanner located to the left of the sliding door
  • There is an intercom system with a door release button beside the light switch in the Brian Arnold and Alexander MacMillan Rooms  to let people into the building. Guests can buzz the appropriate button to the left of the front door. Upstairs = Alexander Macmillan and Pam Warren. Downstairs = Brian Arnold

You can let guests know about the call buttons for each room to the left of the sliding door into Reception.

Checks to do when leaving

  1. All lights and heaters are turned off
  2. Windows are closed
  3. Your dishes are in the dishwasher and it is running
  4. You’ve left the room neat and tidy, and cleared any rubbish
  5. No unauthorised people are in the building
  6. The door is locked behind you when you leave

Remember to take your things with you.

Please clean up any mess, cloths are available at the stations and in the Kitchen.

Vacuum cleaners are in the workroom downstairs and the cupboard off the Alexander McMillan Room.

Please let Reception know if there were any problems.

Getting into the building after hours

You’ll need an entry tag to get in. You can pick this up from Reception during opening hours. Call 03 471 6150 or email to arrange this or ask at reception, you’ll need to sign for the tag.

Keys are only given for the specific reason of accessing the building for the purpose of the booked meeting.

Regular bookers can, by arrangement, hold an entry tag.

Failure to observe the security requirements may result in no longer having access to Dunedin Community House after hours.

Lost tags will be charged for at the cost of replacement. In 2021 $15 plus GST

Fire Evacuation Procedures

Read the Fire Notices posted around the building.

Let meeting attendees know where the emergency exits are and what to do in the event of an emergency.

In the event of fire

  1. Notify others of the fire by activating the fire alarm.
  2. Please call 111 and report the fire. (1111 from DCH phones)
  3. Move directly to the car park via the exits on each floor.
  4. The meeting place is in the car park next to the bright yellow Krazy Dealz store. Stay until everyone is accounted for.
  5. If during office hours Fire Wardens will provide information, follow their instructions. Let them or the Fire Service know of any concerns.
  6. If out of hours contact the House on 0800 113172.

Maximum number of users in each room is

Alexander McMillan  56

Brian Arnold 20

Staff Room 24

Please do not exceed these numbers, it is for your own safety.


Each room has a kit with a cloth and cleaning spray, an extension and multibox.

There is hot water on tap available in the service areas on the ground floor and first floor and in the kitchen adjacent to the Alexander MacMillan Room. Mugs, glasses and crockery are available in each place.

There are dishwashers in the ground floor service area and first floor kitchen.

Please use the dishwasher for any dirty dishes.

Toilets are located on both floors, including accessible toilets.

There is a lift near the middle of the building.

If you find anything that is not working or needs attention please let us know.

Additional Requirements

If you’d like the room set up a particular way or have any questions please ask – 03 471 6150

Cleaning Dishes

All dishes used must be placed in the dishwasher and the dishwasher turned on. Dishwasher tablets are in the cupboard next to the dishwasher.

Rubbish and recycling

If you generate large amounts of rubbish please remove it when you leave. If we have to clear it we may charge you for that.

Dunedin City Council bin bags can be left on the kerbside on Moray Place.

Recycling –  paper and plastic recycling is available in the Workroom next to Reception. Cardboard recycling is available in the car park outside Reception.

Tea and Coffee

Tea, coffee, sugar and milk are not supplied by Dunedin Community House.

We can arrange to have things available for you, just ask – 03 471 6150

Alternatively Countdown is right across the road from us.


Booking rates are posted at please ask at reception if you are unsure of costs, call us on 03 471 6150 or email Bills are sent out at the end of the month and are payable by the 20th of the month following the booking.

A booking that is cancelled with one week or less notice may incur charges. We will be as flexible as we can but having a booking in the calendar can mean we lose the opportunity for alternative bookings.


We don’t offer catering but can help you find local suppliers, just ask!

Getting to the Dunedin Community House

Dunedin Community House is adjacent to the Bus Hub where all but one of Dunedin’s buses stop.

There are no parks available on site for room bookers unfortunately.

There is on street paid parking on Moray Place and an accessible parking spot next to our front door.

Farmer’s Car Park has all day and hourly parking available next door. Full details are on Wilson Parking’s website.


Please take care of any equipment you use. Only use whiteboard markers for the whiteboards.

You can hire a projector and sound system from us.


Offices are used at weekends and in the evenings, please keep noise to a reasonable level.


In the event of an emergency please call the emergency services on 111. If using a House phone 1111.

If the emergency services aren’t need call the House out of hours number: 0800 113172.


Guest WiFi is available without a password.


Toilets are available on each floor including accessible toilets.

There is a shower in the accessible toilet upstairs.

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